The Songs of "Long Roots"

"Long Roots" is the critically acclaimed debut album by Montana singer-songwriter David White, released in the summer of 2014. 

The artist's debut album features 11 original songs, seven of which were written by David himself. The remaining four were co-written with James Otto, Ashley Gorley, Anders Osborne and Daisy Dern, all well-known writers in Nashville. Showcasing a range of musical styles and talents, the recording reflects a mature sensibility that allows David to take complicated feelings and experiences and translate them to simple relatable lyrics, without sacrificing accessibility to his listeners. 

Opening with “Midnight Shift at the Maplewood Methodist Church,” David captures the very essence of a humble church janitor who prays nightly for the needs of the congregation. “Long Roots,” the title track, is a western campfire song that describes the lonely-by-choice life of a cowboy, who proclaims, “Life’s too short for growing long roots.” In “Rescue,” David uses the first-person to tell the story of a young Russian sailor, seeking adventure but finding himself trapped in a submarine at the bottom of the sea.

On the other end of the musical spectrum, David uses the very bluegrass “Smoking Gun” to tell about a woman who follows her cheating husband to a motel and then exacts her revenge. “I Get the Hint” is a fun Texas swing song about a man in a bar who arrogantly misinterprets a woman’s rebuff, wrongfully assuming she’s being flirtatious. “Wheels” captures the cradle-to-grave obsession many men have with freedom and speed.                 

David’s childhood memory of playing near the neighborhood creek leads to a journey of self-discovery in “My Mississippi.” He sings about the depth of friendship in “If You Ever Need a Friend,” and he swoons about true love in “Love’s Been Good to Me.”  

“Carry Me Away” is a stirring hymn that reflects upon man’s failings and his climb to completeness at the hands of God. The album closes with “End of the Road,” a hopeful song that retrospectively wrestles with the choices made over the course of one’s life.

“Long Roots” was released on June 9, 2014, on the Footpath Records label.
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