What the critics are saying:

"White has a style of vocal delivery that echoes James Taylor and a grasp of storytelling song craftsmanship that is right up there with the best of Music City.  'LONG ROOTS' is an awesome disc debut.  What a talent!"

Music Row Magazine

"Each well-crafted song is delivered with such gifted finesse that you'll want to keep it in steady rotation." 

Bluegrass Unlimited

"Throughout the annals of music history there is a laundry list of inspired, folk-poets who seem to have an inherent and incurable ability to weave spirited stories through just a voice, an acoustic guitar and deft instrumentation.  Singer-songwriter David White has that aura of legacy on 'LONG ROOTS'."

Maverick Magazine

"No matter what your music taste is, it is virtually impossible not to be impressed with how musically audacious and lyrically extraordinary David White's debut into the world of recorded music is."

Christian Musician Magazine

"LONG ROOTS' is one of the best CD's I've heard in my 36 years in the music business.  The singing, writing, and production simply couldn't be improved upon.  This is a WOW recording!"

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